Hapier app guidelines

We have typed up these guidelines as well as our Terms of Service are created to make sure our users are safe while enjoying the Hapier app experience. We have the right to terminate any users access to our platform if these guidelines are not adhered to. 
You are only allowed to upload your content. Any other content uploaded that is not yours will be a violation of our Terms of Service. Please do not post copyrighted content that is not yours. Its kinda a big deal if you steal other people's work. 

While using Hapier you must respect others and their privacy. 

The goal of Hapier as a company and as a movement is to be open to others and empathetic towards who they are as a person. This means you should respect others interests, beliefs, and view-points while using Hapier. Hapier does not tolerate any form of rude behavior, bullying, hate speech,and  “stalking”. You should treat others as you would like to be treated as all our mothers said growing up. We are a company built around kindness, authenticity, and openness. Each and everyone one of our community members should respect themselves, others, and our mission to make the world a kinder place. 

Please do not spam other users. Take the time to check out their profile, see what they are interested in, if you share common interests, spark up a conversation about that. Please, do not send the same message to every single ping. By doing this you are not improving your odds of a response. Take a genuine interest in others and they will do the same in kind. 
Impersonating someone else is not cool and extremely deceptive to other users. Please if they photo is not you, then do not post it. 

Hapier photo guidelines:

- No photos in underwear
- No shirtless photos
- Make sure you are clearly visible in the photo
- No face filters
- No phonographic images
- No guns
- No babies in the photo without an adult present. 

Please, do not do anything illegal on Hapier.
We do not tolerate illegal activities. We have every right to ban users who violate our guidelines and we can report said users to authorities if the context of the situation permits it.
There shall be no soliciting on Hapier. 

Any user who tries to sell anything through Hapier will be banned. We are not a marketplace.
Hapier is intended for people over 18+ years of age. This is why we don't allow any children to be singled out in photos because that is not a representation of the person using the account. 

We strongly suggest that you follow these guidelines. Failing to do so may result in you being banned from the Hapier app. We have the right to ban any user without warning or notification. We have carefully thought through these guidelines to make it an overall safer environment for our community. We hope you understand our view because we truly do care about you and your experience with Hapier.

Thank you,

The Hapier team :)