A letter from Adam

Have you ever noticed anywhere you go people all around you are glued to their phones now more than ever before? Phones make the world go round, whether we choose to admit it or not. One thing technology cannot replace, though, is face-to-face interactions. Derek and I founded Hapier on the belief that life is better spent off the phone interacting with the world around us. Flashback to the last time you spoke to someone out of your comfort zone...your heartbeat overwhelming your senses and your eyes nervously glancing around. We've become accustomed to avoiding those moments because of the fear of uncertainty, anxiousness, and rejection. We have chosen the easy way out and have forgotten what it feels like after a meaningful conversation. That elation we get from sharing a common interest, meaningful laughs, and new insights from stepping outside our bubble. We want Hapier to be a glimpse into the future of what can be when technology is used to truly connect us, Face to Face.

I still have problems when it comes to interacting in real life. My palms get sweaty, my heart starts beating, that little voice in my head starts talking, you know how it goes. The best moments have come when I made the conscious decision to simply take the leap, talk to the person, see what they have to say, and be truly authentic with them. Hapier is the brainchild of all of my past missed interactions, those “what-if” moments, and the submissions to the voice in my head. Hapier is created to help you take advantage of those missed interactions, those “what-if” moments, and overcome that little voice in your head.

I would like to acknowledge my gratitude for Derek – our CTO & co-founder. Without him, Hapier would not be a real thing. He decided to hop on the train with me seven months after I had the initial idea. He was also the first person other than me to believe in this project and invest his own personal time into our success. Thank you, Derek.

I hope this letter and our message has inspired you to assess your current interactions with others. Are you consciously stepping out of your comfort zone and striving to make a positive impact in your life? Or are you the one trapped in the habit of clicks, swipes, and likes? If you choose to download Hapier, we hope it brings you true value in the connections and conversations you have with others. We would love for you to be a part of this wild journey as we would love to be a part of yours. So what do you say…

Let's build a Hapier world, together!

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